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A Note from Jill...

May is here already and I’m still trying to get over Christmas. But then I’m always behind. A friend once gave me White Rabbit pin because I’m always rushing around, “I’m late, I’m late...” The same goes for this webpage. And here I promised I would keep it up. I’ve been writing—the book that will not end—and is giving me fits. (No, writing does not get easier after 26 years.) I tell myself they are difficult characters, with difficult conflicts.

These new books I’m working on are perhaps a little bigger than my books like CARRIED AWAY or DREAMING, longer like BEWITCHING and WICKED. But I do so love the time period and setting, Medieval Scotland. I loved writing WONDERFUL, WILD, and WICKED, too. They were set in the 13th Century, on the Welsh borderlands and these are 12th Century. The new Medieval books have closer ties because they’re about three very different sisters. I expect to finish later this year and then I’ll post tidbits about the books, publication dates, and more.

In the meantime, I have to thank my readers for the way you have all embraced my backlist eBooks. To my complete surprise, readers have downloaded over a quarter of a million copies in recent months. For these books to have a new life is so rewarding. To know readers loved my books enough to want them on their eReaders is a huge compliment. Now I must work to give you new books.

Speaking of work....I never got around to blogging. I am so torn. With the advent of all these new social media sites, I haven’t decided if anyone wants to read a blog by Jill Barnett. I do post almost the same thing on my Facebook fan page Jill Barnett Books. So visit there for now, and hit LIKE for updates and news. I also post things about these new books and historical facts I found while researching, many of which I use in my story. (Watch for the news about pearls, which happen to be my and my daughter’s birthstone.)

I will soon have a Pinterest page. Check in a few weeks if you are fan of that site. Sign up here to be added to an email newsletter that will go out this summer. It will have some surprises.

So now I am off, having at least caught up on one thing. I intend to curl up on my chair with my pad and pen and perhaps write the scene where Finn lands in the moat....